Gcode 2020 New Version

  • Gcode2020 for Windows 95 to Windows 10 32 & 64 bit.
  • Updated 10-3-2020

Gcode 2020 Now reads Lines,Arcs,Rect,Circle,PolyLines,LWPolylines, Ellipse, Sorts object by size. Reads and writes DXF files.Supports Mechanical desktop, AutoCAD ,Autosketch, TurboCad, DesignCad, AshlarVellum, CorelDraw, Intelicad and SolidWorks. ( Also runs in Linux under Wine ) A note to International users.

Set the decimal delimiter to a period from the Control panel under Regional settings.

The Machine you install this program on does not need to be connected to the internet.

The Zip file you download is small enough to fit on a floppy disk.

The program does require that you have printer driver installed even if you don't have an actual printer.

The program will not install from "My Documents"

Use a temporary folder such as C:\Temp

Gcode is specifically designed for converting AutoCAD drawings into G-Code programs for use with any 2-D or 3-D machine such as Wire EDMs, Laser Etchers, Flame cutting, Milling , Lathes etc. Also Gcode can be used for creating individual complicated tool paths for 2-D and 3-D machines. Gcode is a low cost opportunity for small independent machine shops to convert their drawings into useful programs for their CNC and DNC equipment without the hassle of figuring out the geometry manually. Version 2020 adds 3d contouring and files up to 1 million lines. Bi-directional Rs232 Serial communication is provided to hard wire the PC to the machine tool.

Simply draw the outline of the part on a dedicated layer.

Then DXF out the file. Close Autocad and then

Load the DXF file into Gcode 2020 which will process plot it and generate the gcode file.

Many copies of these programs are in use world wide